1st Year Achieved

1st Year Achieved

Fisher INC celebrated its 1st Year… back in March.

I know its a bit late to write a post about it but it was overdue.

Hello Im Josh the MD of Fisher INC and here is my message about the past year.

So what happened in the past year? So far…. nothing. That’s not a bad thing I’ve been mainly focusing on making sure we are stable before expanding or branching out so to speak. It’s mainly involved making sure that the way we handle daily tasks is done efficiently and run without any issues, so that when time does come to expand we can do it with confidence knowing that our core principles and techniques work.

Fisher INC is on Google ,I know you must have seen the new badges in the footer and sidebar but this was far overdue but we finally sorted it, so feel free to leave us a review. we always appreciated any feedback received.

Issues of 2017?

It was difficult in the first few months of starting the business as the main priority is getting sales as without sales there is no business, at the start I worked on freelance sites such as PPH & freelancer to get a running start you can read more here from there I met some talented individuals and who are still with me to this day.

But no nothing bad has happened, no problems, yes we have had our fair few difficult clients along the way, with any business there has been teething problems but nothing that can’t be rectified.

Future Plans for 2018?

Never know what the future holds but we aren’t looking to expand or branch out anytime soon as we are still in the early years and I wouldn’t want to make a rash decision without thinking about the consequence that could conquer because of it. Im going to be posting a bit more as we don’t want to become stale and appear silents for our visitors. Hopefully add some new tutorials and tips.

A special thanks to all the clients we work with and hope to continue to work in the future.