2nd Year Achieved

2nd Year Achieved

Well another year has passed and I’m still here (and not broke), which is amazing to be honest seen as 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail in their first year 18 months, so what’s happened in the past year…

Well we became a Doncaster chamber member which gave me access to some networking events and services where I was able to meet potential new clients which was a big boost.

2019 also brought an increase in adhoc jobs from various agencies in and around the UK where they were working with developers from overseas and weren’t getting entirely what they bargained for (from what I gathered from the clients I spoke to) and having someone local and was able to pop round / meet for coffee if need was a big help to some.

I have gained some permanent work with another company building some bespoke applications tailored to their clients business needs, which has come with its own unique challenges, but in return I’m learning some incredible things and working with some fantastic people, and building some awesome stuff.

The rest of the year will be focusing on my current clients and working to build a confident relationship with them all so that I have a stable future, and hopefully if all goes well I will be around next year.

Bye Bye for now..