I Published My First WordPress Plugin.

I Published My First WordPress Plugin.

I published my first WordPress Plugin.

Thats right I have published my first WordPress plugin, and its live.

Helpbox Information is a simple to use plugin, install is simple, add the header tag provided by the plugin and the result is a floating tab that sits on the right side of your website and when the user clicks on it, it pops out and displays a list of questions populated by the website admin with a dropdown answer.

You can do some customisations change the colour, have a header image, or video or none at all, your choice. I will be adding new features as time goes on.

You can try it out by clicking the the question mark tab floating on this page. If your on mobile it wont be viewable as Im making an alternative mobile version.

Im well chuffed, I’m actually quite surprised WordPress accepted it, but I suppose this is my chance to really make this plugin worth something and perhaps make it big, you never know viral things happen like that. Im not gonna get my hopes up you never know a year down the line the plugin might not even have more than a 100 downloads. but we’ll see.

The plugin is availble through the WordPress plugin screen simply search Helpbox Information or click this link