10 Ways to Speed-up Your WordPress Site

Here are some top tips to help speed up your WordPress site, warning this process involves altering your theme and WordPress do not attempt this if your unclear on the workings of WordPress as you may damage your site in […]

I Published My First WordPress Plugin.

I published my first WordPress Plugin. Thats right I have published my first WordPress plugin, and its live. Helpbox Information is a simple to use plugin, install is simple, add the header tag provided by the plugin and the result is […]

My First 3 Months as a Freelance Web Developer

My first 3 months as a freelancer is going pretty well. I’ve lost my sleep schedule I end going to bed at 2/3 every night and get up at 12 which to some sounds like the best time but really it […]

Hello Again

Hello Again, This is my new site build on my very own theme sorry for the current style of the site, Im trying to think of a colour scheme so my colour schemes might change from time to time because […]