Remove product and product-category from the url in WordPress

Dont click off yet, this is a solution to removing product and product-category from the URL on your products.

Are you in the situation where you want to remove product and product-category from the URL on your products but you can't because its a bad idea, and from doing some research on how to achieve this, a lot of people are saying this "isn't possible" as this is the way Wordpress works and it would require a lot from Wordpress. It is possible hence this post. Related links: Even the developers of Woocommerce say this is a bad idea, but many people just want it anyway regardless of the consequences it could bring. So after days of stressing over how to accomplish this, I've found a plugin from WubPress called WUB seo urls claiming that they had found a solution. I was skeptical at first with only 1 review claiming it did the job, this didn't give me much confidence. I checked out a few videos and thought sod it might as well try it out myself to see if it works or not. And it works!!  It does exactly what it says, my product urls are now what I wanted them to be. e.g   Which is saving me a hell of a lot of time and no duplicates. The plugin comes with a few tutorials and a getting started guide, but shouldn't be too difficult to setup and if you are having issues there  is 24/7 support available that will be able to solve them. This isn't a shoutout or a paid promotion, I'm just saying thanks to WUBPress for this awesome plugin, I would highly recommend WUB seo urls for anyone trying to remove product and product-category from the URL.

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