The Real Cost to Setup a WordPress Blog / Store

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  • 12/04/17
  • 11:21 PM

So you want to start your own WordPress blog or online store?

You have some ideas that might change the course of time and you want to put them on the big wide web for everyone to see, or you have just created a new product that you wish to sell, but for how much?

Well realistically you’re looking at around £150, and no, I didn’t miss a few extra zeros at the end, take away years worth hosting for £10 or less per month.


You can purchase cheap hosting from godaddy, bluehost1&1 etc which will do the job but if you want something with a bit more power then that’s gonna cost an extra.

Bare in mind that when you’re on a shared hosting platform with other users your site speed is gonna differ. An example would be when another site on the same server you’re on starts getting a peak in traffic most resources are gonna be used to keep that site up and running which is good for them but bad for you as your site starts becoming sluggish and refuses to load.

Domain Name

A domain name is needed of course how could I forget as you’ll need a domain name to access your site/store, they start from as little as 99p depending on what suffix you’re using.

So what money do you have left… you need to spend that money?

WordPress is a free open source content management system and has thousands of free plugins and themes to choose from.


If that money is still burning a whole in your pocket then you can head over to Themeforest or a similar website and buy a premium WordPress theme, something’s responsive, mobile ready, e-commerce ready and of course fast.

Plus most premium / free themes come with a selection of demos that you can import into your WordPress site and then all you have to do really is change the text and a few images and you have yourself a brand new, flashy, fast website.


For the e-commerce side of the site if you’re wanting to go down that route then woo commerce is my answer to you, it is the best e-commerce plugin for WordPress, it has a bunch of features, it’s easy to use and you can start selling in no time.

The real cost here is your time, building a WordPress blog from scratch is a long and difficult task if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can pay professionals to do this for you but again that’s more money that you wish you had.

Overall from start to finish, it should take you a day* or so to actually get it setup and everything installed then it’s just a matter of doing some adjustments to make it unique.

Take time with your blog, read up on WordPress watch a few tutorials get to grips with it so you can take full advantage of what’s available to you.

*May take longer depending on your knowledge of WordPress, I’m saying a day as realistically you could achieve it if you had all the information you need on what was going up on the site and you didn’t really care so much about the design.
This article is more directed at people that are just starting out on WordPress and don’t really want to spend a fortune getting the blog together. a small business could also achieve this but if you’re a massive company and have the extra cash flow to afford a bespoke site then go for it.


  • Bill Barnes says:

    I appreciate what you’ve written here, but I disagree. You do have a very valid point of view for someone with a lot of time on their hands, and some technical knowledge.

    But these are not the clients I help as a web designer and consultant. I provide solutions to pain points so you don’t have to. My prices are where they are because my clients don’t have to worry about any of the digital business side.

    Some people want some interactivity with their investment. I appreciate these people, but my favorite client is someone who’s so busy with their business and making money they need me as a partner. I take care of the client. It’s my invested interest to make them as much money as possible, because that means next time I have proof to charge a client even more money.

    I provide value and revenue, not a website. It takes a LOT of time to make a website succeed.

    • Josh says:

      Of course I totally agree that clients do want more and that’s where design agency and marketing agency come to give the site that little bit more this is more addressed and people who are just somewhat starting out and what to try and attempt it themselves.

      For big businesses again if you can pull it off yourself sure go for it, if you have the knowledge and the expertise to accomplish your business goal but then again if you wanting your site to be more unique and some very unique features plus not having to worry about the maintenance and servicing a site needs and you’ve got the extra cash flow to pay for it then by all means head to an agency.

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