Why Backup WordPress?

For the tutorial on How To Backup WordPress click here

Why should I Backup WordPress?

Why wouldn’t you, if you’re site was hacked or defaced over the next coming weeks how would you restore it back to how it was?, You may even need a new site because there is no backup to restore your site from and that could cost you thousands depending on the scale and the functionality it had.

And besides it doesn’t cost a lot to backup your WordPress Site, you can use several free plugins checkout Backup Plugins For WordPress for free and premium plugins to backup your WordPress site

What are the pros and cons of backing up Wordpress?

+ Your files are backed up on a secure offsite location

+ You can access your files 24/7 anywhere in the world

+ Most hosting companies provide backup for a small fee and can be backed up daily

+ You can restore your site at anytime, incase problems arise.

A back up is another location where files can get lost or damaged it’s still another computer that could potentially fail.

large online storage devices can be expensive, have a look around first.
When doing a backup using a plugin on your WordPress site it can sometimes slow down or even crash your site, due to lack of memory, check with your hosting for assistance.

 If you do a daily backup that overwrites the previous day backup then if you get hacked that would be backed up and then you’d restore a hacked version

Need help backing up your site or wish to migrate to a new hosting?