10+ Really Useful WordPress Functions

@ 10:30 am

Functions… Functions play a big part in how your WordPress theme works as its performs as a plugin would. You can add code snippets to improve the functionality and features of your site, you can add your own functions, call PHP functions […]

How To Add Settings To Your Options Pages In WordPress

@ 1:36 am

This is a video on how to add options to your settings pages in Wordpress. Please see Part#1 for more info on adding the settings pages.

How To Add Options Menus To WordPress

@ 1:36 am

This is a video on how to add settings pages to wordpress, see Part #2 for adding options to your setting pages.

How to Make a Page Template In WordPress

@ 1:35 am

A Video on how to make an addition page template in Wordpress.

How To Use Conditional Tags in WordPress

@ 1:35 am

How To Downgrade Your WordPress Site

@ 1:34 am

How To Make Your Own Custom CSS & JS WordPress Plugin

@ 1:16 am

This is a how to guide on creating a custom CSS & JS wordpress plugin,