Terms & Conditions

My Rate

My rate is dependant on the job at hand and on the urgency*

Double time for special holidays such as bank holidays, and any out of working hours work.

Triple time for Christmas / New years and planned notified days off.

  • *If a job needs to be completed that day or within a short time frame e.g 2 days, then the rate is increased as other jobs have to be put on hold.
    • This excludes tasks such as tracking code implementations and simple adjustments.
  • *My rate is subjected to grow every year, this is based alongside economic growth and the expansion of personal experience. I always give notification regarding any fee changes within plenty of time. However, I am always open to negotiations, if required.

Opening Hours

Officially, I work from 9 am-6 pm Mon-Sat, excluding bank holidays and planned holidays, If you need assistance out of the normal working hours and the job is of urgency then it is subjected to a higher rate.

Quoting on jobs

All quote prices are correct at the time the brief is given, any changes to the brief are subjected to the quote price increasing.

Requirements for an Accurate Quote

  1. An overview of the project at had what it will do where it will go.
  2. Any special requirements/features the project must-have. Please include links to sites showing an example of the feature, as this will help me source how that feature works.
  3. Any assets needed for the project including graphics, documents, videos – anything needed for the task at hand.
    1. I am able to provide graphics to a degree; I wouldn’t call myself a graphics designer, but if it’s simple icons or a nice banner I would be able to assist (subject to additional costs).
  4. A deadline for the project is important. If you’re wanting it within a few days, then it is subjective to an increased rate. If not, then the standard rate applies.

I understand that things may change and you may not feel the same way about certain aspects of the project. If that is the case, then it should be mentioned so that we can discuss options and see if the quoted price needs to be adjusted.

Sick Days / Illness

I get sick just like anyone else but I’d be darned if it takes me away from my desk. In a worst-case scenario that I am unable to deliver your work within the timeframe then I can only apologise for this and promise that when I am in a better condition that your work will be delivered to you promptly.


I provide a default timeframe of 2 weeks for any project that I take on. It may be done within a few minutes when it comes to small tweaks and bug fixes, but other projects such as full website, page builds, majority overhalls then the default time frame applies, this gives you the opportunity to plan and if it is done within the first few days then that’s a bonus.

WordPress Support Packages

WordPress support packages are subjective to change now and then to be competitive. I will notify you if your plan is subject to change.

If you don’t use the hours in the month they will be rolled over to the next month, a maximum cap applies.

  • 2 hours for Bronze.
  • 4 hours for Silver.
  • 8 Hours for Gold.

If you use more than your allocated number of hours a month then the default rate applies for each additional hour spent.

Each package is for 30 days and can be cancelled after the first month if no longer needed or required.


If you need some work doing on a finished project, please send your amends via email to me whilst taking note of points in “Requirements for an Accurate Quote“. This is so that I have everything needed for the amend(s) in question. If you would like to remote in or do a dedicated session see point below.

Remote Support / Dedicated Sessions / Live Edits

If you wish to go through your amends or wish to perform some live edits either via screen share or a remote session, then this would be at an increased rate. This is due to my unavailability to other clients during this time.


If you wish to cancel your project, you must give me at least 24 hours notice. If the project is partly started and you wish to cancel the project or you have changed your mind, then you will be charged for the time spent on the project as I could have spent a couple of hours on it so as you can appreciate I expect something for my time.


All projects come with a 7-day warranty, this may seem short but websites change quite frequently with updates and additional tweaks that get applied. If another developer makes alterations to the project and errors occur we cannot be held responsible as it’s not our doing. We will revert the project back to the original state but any additional customisations requested would need to be discussed further.


We cannot offer refunds for work carried out, as the work applied is subjective to change once we have finished.


Payments can either be made via bank transfer or via PayPal. All invoices must be paid within 30 days. If no payment or notification of non-payment is received then the site will be shut off and my work will be disabled until payment is made.


We will take a full backup of the site prior to beginning a project so that we have a restore point and a backup once the project has been completed. We keep the backups for a maximum of 3 months before removing. If you would like a copy please email me and I’ll send you one.

We also urge you to set up a backup on your website to run every day for at least 7 days and keep it off-site for safe keeping.