Rate Structure

The fee for services rendered is contingent upon the specific nature of the project and its urgency.

  1. Double-time rates will be applied during special holidays such as bank holidays and any work conducted outside standard working hours.
  2. Triple-time rates are applicable during the Christmas/New Year period and on pre-notified planned days off.
  3. Urgent assignments requiring completion on the same day or within a short timeframe, such as 2 days, will incur an increased rate to accommodate the prioritization of tasks. This exclusion applies to tracking code implementations and simple adjustments.
  4. The hourly rate is subject to annual adjustments in alignment with economic growth and the expansion of professional expertise. Adequate notice will be provided for any fee changes, and negotiations are welcomed if required.

Operating Hours

Official working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays and planned holidays. For urgent tasks outside regular working hours, a higher rate may be applied.

Quoting Procedures

Quoted prices are accurate at the time the project brief is provided. Any changes to the project scope will result in a corresponding adjustment to the quoted price.

To ensure an accurate quote, the following information is required:

  • Project overview, including objectives and intended outcomes.
  • Special requirements or features the project must incorporate, with examples provided through links for reference.
  • Assets necessary for the project, such as graphics, documents, videos, etc.
  • Provision of project-related graphics, up to a reasonable extent, with additional costs for more complex design elements.

A specified deadline is crucial for quoting purposes. Urgent projects may incur an increased rate.

Flexibility and Changes

Recognizing that project dynamics may evolve, any modifications or concerns regarding the initial project details should be communicated promptly for discussion and potential adjustments to the quoted price.

Sick Days/Illness

In the event of illness affecting work delivery timelines, apologies will be extended. Efforts will be made to expedite project completion once in better health.

Turnaround Time

A default timeframe of 2 weeks is allotted for project completion, allowing for effective planning. Expedited delivery may be possible for smaller tasks, but larger projects adhere to the standard timeframe.

WordPress Support Packages

WordPress support package terms are subject to occasional changes for competitiveness. Users are notified of any plan adjustments. Unused hours can be rolled over, with caps varying based on package tier.


Requests for amendments to finished projects should be submitted via email, considering the outlined requirements for an accurate quote.

Remote Support/Dedicated Sessions/Live Edits

Live edits or remote sessions incur an increased rate due to unavailability for other clients during this time.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum 24-hour notice is required for project cancellations. If a project is partially started, charges may apply for time spent.


All projects are covered by a 7-day warranty. Alterations made by other developers are not our responsibility. Reverting to the original state is possible, but further customizations are subject to discussion.


Refunds are not offered for completed work, as the applied changes are subject to further adjustments post-completion.


Payment options include bank transfer or PayPal, with invoices due within 30 days. Non-payment may result in service suspension until payment is received.

Late Payment Fees

Late payments for invoices will be subject to a fee. If payment is not received within the stipulated 30-day period, a late payment charge will be applied. This fee aims to account for the administrative costs associated with managing overdue accounts.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we encourage clients facing difficulties in meeting payment deadlines to communicate in advance. In such cases, we may consider alternative arrangements to ensure a fair and mutually beneficial resolution.

Timely payments are crucial to maintaining the uninterrupted provision of services. Your cooperation in adhering to the payment terms is appreciated.


Full site backups are conducted before project initiation, with a retention period of 3 months. Clients are encouraged to set up their off-site backups for added security.